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What are the Services?

Our services are sophisticated and designed to fit your needs.

The Service Collection

For Home, a sophisticated approach to keep your interiors immaculate
Weekly: The Essential
Monthly: The Signature

The Couture Collection

For Professionals, customized services to optimize your success Residential Professionals: The Estate
Business and Commerce: The Showcase

We are highly specialized Home-Stylists, our services have been perfected to an art form. We are curators of clean for home and business with our own methods signature methods.

An organized approach to display and placement to optimize business available thru our Couture Services. We consult with you to determine your needs before applying our expertise.


A beautiful statement and a superior clean, we feature aromatherapeutic products that are plant based, pure and powerful.

Our Signature scent is Mandarin Vetiver, the scent of sunshine, invigorating citrus zest with vetiver green, truly uplifting.

An organized approach to display and placement to optimize business available thru our Couture Services. We consult with you to determine your needs before applying our expertise.

We offer a collection of eight different scents arranged by olfactive category. Available by special arrangement for Service Collection. Included in the Couture Services.



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Client safety and confidence is our number one priority. We do not disclose any information about our client to other parties. See ‘Our Standards” to discover details.

Please leave us a note in “client comments” when you book your appointment. We personalize our approach and will do our best to accommodate your request.

We work with our client to understand their desires and deliver optimum results. We keep a secure log of our client preferences to allow us to tend to the details of your needs.

To achieve the best results, please put all items in their designated place so the Stylists can get to the clean. We do not wash dishes or laundry.

Our protocol is kept confidential due to it being one of our points of difference.

Our signature service standards are effective and deliver a superior clean.

We are pet friendly, if your pet is familiar with us, then great. If not, please make arrangements so that we do not cause stress for your pet.


Our Home-Stylists are hand selected and background checked. We are properly insured and licensed. Our quality and finished product is above the industry standard.

Safety is our priority. We have the highest standards of service, discretion and respect. Home-Stylists are vetted and trained before allowed on the team.

Our care prevents cleaning mistakes. We use the proper product and application techniques for materials and finishes.

Safe for family, pets and home, we use superior quality product with botanical based ingredients.

We deliver on our promises. Results are ensured. No risk to the client.


We prices are factored by the square footage of the property we are retained for. Our skilled Home-Stylist work in designated teams to increase the efficiency and deliver superior results. Our service is different, we don’t just send one person and leave the job half way done because the time ran out. We send a team of skilled Home-stylists with beautiful product and signature protocol that stay long as it takes to deliver perfection. Our result in quality is far above the competitors. Our client happiness is our trademark.

Amount is billed when appointment is confirmed.

Sales tax will not be charged for services. If cleaning product or supplies are sold, we may invoice that separately and charge sales tax for that portion only.

The charge shows as HEAVENLY CLEAN

A receipt is emailed to you upon billing. If you need an additional copy, please contact us, service@hevenlyclean.com